Who we are

Our Mission

Serving incredible coffee with pride and a commitment to community that we will uplift, embrace, befriend and spread joy and positivity. Because coffee should be an experience - not just a beverage.

Why Coffee

Our Vision

Cultivating a culture of gratitude and respect for our customers and our employees. It starts with thankful people offering excellent coffee to exceptional customers.

Andre Chaves


Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs I had the opportunity to get involved in my family's business from a young age. I worked in all aspects of the coffee production as well as a sales person, cashier and later as a supervisor in one of my mother's pet stores. During the 5 years in the Veterinary Medicine University, I worked part time in a Café as a Barista and for the last 10 years I have been in North America practicing Veterinary Medicine with large animals. I'm also involved with the operations of the farm in Brazil and commercializing Sierra Farm coffee across North America and Europa.

Kimberly Oscar


I am a small town Alberta girl who grew up in a farming community southeast of Edmonton. I pursued an agricultural degree and through the twists and turns of life discovered my passion for business and people and the combination of the two. I love to see the diversity of humans and appreciate how every experience and story contributes to the wonderful messiness that is life! I have always aspired to own my own business and grow a network of people that uplift, empower and celebrate each other. My years of managing small businesses have shown me that the perfect storm for success is a great product and an incredible commitment to customer service. That path of business management also led me to meet Andre and cultivate the dream of Sierra Cafe Inc.